PRIDE Sanitary Pads, produced by RECFAM, supports women and girls in Ghana by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual hygiene products.


      In Ghanamany girls will leave school or decide to stay home during their period each month due to cultural stigma and affordabilityEven girls who do attend school participate significantly less in class while menstruating.

      Some major causes of this gender inequality are the lack of resources and pads in rural areas available to the girls. Also most cannot afford sanitary pads even if they are available. They instead resort to using unclean rags, newspaper, used cloth, or extra underwear to manage their flow. These solutions are highly unsanitary and ineffective. They cause infections and other health complications which only furthers gender inequality in Ghana. The result is that many girls never finish school.

        PRIDE Sanitary Pads are the only sustainable and locally produced product available to these women. Our sanitary pads are made of banana fiber, local cotton and paper pulp, and are fully biodegradable. We provide education about menstrual hygiene and are working to dispel the harmful stigmas surrounding female menstruation. Women and girls can be proud to wear PRIDE Sanitary Pads.

RECFAM's PRIDE Sanitary Pad project has made some big developments in Ghana, such as establishing the first production facility, achieving Ghana Standards Authority certification, and surveying 1,400 school girls on menstrual health education. Watch to see our updates.


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