RECFAM's PRIDE Sanitary Pad project has made some big developments in Ghana, such as establishing the first production facility, achieving Ghana Standards Authority certification, and surveying 1,400 school girls on menstrual health education. Watch to see our updates.
A teaching tool with 3 scenarios and doctor's commentary about the dangers of stigmatizing menstruation in school. Teaching about the use of sanitary pads gives girls equal access to education.

      Peter Quao Adattor presents a comprehensive report on RECFAM's PRIDE sanitary napkin project, including interviews with the founder, Alfred Nsodu.

      Alfred Nsodu, Founder & Director of RECFAM, meets Arunachalam Muruganatham, Indian social entrepreneur and inventor of the sanitary pad machines used by RECFAM. Mr. Nsodu explains the PRIDE sanitary pad project from RECFAM.