Our staff and partners work together to provide a sustainable solution to menstrual hygiene in Ghana. 

PEOPLE:  Founders, staff, AND VOLUNTEERS

Dr. Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo, Founder of RECFAM/PRIDE Sanitary Pads and Executive Director of RECFAM

Dr. Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo, Founder

      Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo is a Prince from Nso Fondom (Kingdom) in the North West Region of Cameroon. He is the founder of Research and Counselling Foundation for African Migrants (RECFAM) and PRIDE Sanitary Pads. He is also the author of Drama Behind the Church SignboardBlack Angels in the White Man’s Country and Overseas Traffic Jam: Is it Divine or Ambition? Currently he is the executive director of RECFAM (http://www.recfam.org/) established in 2004 with branches in the US, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana which promotes safe migration and child protection towards development by working in close collaboration with various stakeholders, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, locally and internationally, to provide comprehensive solutions for accelerated socio-economic development.

      He has worked as a national coordinator for the West Africa Network (WAN) for child protection and young migrants on the move in Ghana (Initiative of Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service) sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), European Commission and ECOWAS (2011 – 2015).

      He has done much research and analysis on the factors that cause migration within Africa, Africans migrating to the West, child vulnerability, trafficking and irregular migration. His work has led him to travel around lecturing at universities such as the Centre for African Study at University of Basel, Mission Academic, University of Hamburg, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Burgdorf in Switzerland, University of Colorado, Boulder and many more as well as visiting many institutions to addresses the trends of regular and irregular migration with its challenges and the African perspective of the West and child protection in Africa.

      He is the president of Network of Atlantic Organizations for Child Right (NAOCR) (Reseau Des Organisations De L’Atlantique Pour Les Droits De L’enfant -ROADE-) in Ghana, Togo and Benin, the chair of Collation of NGO’S in Migration for Development (CONIMID) and an active member of Inter-sectoral Committee on Child Right at Department of Social Welfare under Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection in Ghana.

Ajume Wingo, Co-Founder of PRIDE Sanitary Pads and President of AREA

Ajume Wingo, Co-Founder

      Ajume Wingo, PRIDE Sanitary Pads Co-Founder and President of AREA Cameroon, was born in Nso in the North West Province of Cameroon. He attended Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili where he studied History, Economics and Geography. He also attended the University of Yaounde, Cameroon where he studied law at the Faculty of Law and Economics. He obtained his BA from the University of California Berkeley and an MA (1995) and PhD (1997) from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He was a fellow at the Institute on Race and Social Division, Boston University; a Visiting Assistant Professor at Clark University and Emerson College; and an Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is currently  an Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Center for Values and Social Policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder and an Associate of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard.

      Dr. Wingo has published on Education, African Politics, African Art, and Aesthetics, among other areas. His book Veil Politics in Liberal Democratic States is published by Cambridge University Press in the Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy series. He is currently working on a book entitled The Citizen, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Kruse. The book is about how Africans can move beyond where their history has put them and begin to make their own future and secure their own political freedom.

Hannah C. Fowler, Project Coordinator

      Hannah C. Fowler, Project Coordinator of PRIDE Sanitary Pads, was born in Denver, Colorado. She attended Colorado State University where she studied Philosophy. She then attended the University of Colorado, Boulder obtaining her MA in Moral and Political Philosophy. She went on to serve for two years in the United States Peace Corps in Indonesia. She taught English in a rural Muslim high school and founded a girls debate team in East Java. She then managed an NGO in Papua working towards ocean conservation. She is currently with RECFAM as the project coordinator of PRIDE Sanitary Pads in Accra, Ghana.


RECFAM is staffed by qualified professionals and volunteers with expertise in research, programming, education, psychotherapy, project management, finance, legal systems, administration, and statistics.



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