PRIDE Sanitary Pad was established in Ghana by RECFAM to produce organic and biodegradable sanitary pads for women and girls who lack access to proper menstrual hygiene products and education.

Our Mission

Access to safe menstrual hygiene products is not a privilege; it is a right. We ensure that girls and women in Ghana have access to affordable, safe and environmentally-friendly sanitary pads in order to increase school attendance and gender equality. We also provide education and work to de-stigmatize this natural and healthy process of the female body.

A girl will be among the most lively in class, she will participate and make good marks. Then she turns a corner and she will not partake and she is gone.
— Anonymous Teacher, Study by BMC International Health and Human Rights; 2011; 11;7

What We've Achieved

  • We have received certification from the Ghana Standard Authority allowing us to safely produce and distribute PRIDE Sanitary Pads across West Africa.
  • We work with the Ghana Education Service under the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to promote the distribution of our pads and education to schools in need.
  • We employ mostly female workers providing jobs and competitive incomes for many local families.
  • We have conducted a sampling survey of over 700 girls in the Greater Accra Region, proving the need for our intervention.

  • RECFAM have received very positive reception in meetings with local regional, and national school officials in Ghana, about supplying PRIDE Sanitary Pads directly through schools to female students. 

  • We are partnered with Institute for American Values and AREA Cameroon.